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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Helping children with Autism reach their potential

This is a great video from ASPECT that gives some information about what autism is, and what things you might be able to do to help your child.

In the video you get to meet some families and their children who have autism. Professionals are also interviewed about what parents can do once their child is diagnosed. Their suggestions include:

  • Research: as no two children with autism are exactly the same, each will need different forms of support. Find out about what approaches are out there by using the internet, talking to other parents, or using telephone advisory services (see for a list)
  • Have an individualised early intervention plan: Plan for ways you can help support their communication development, development of social play and behavioural abilities. Recognise that what you do at home is as important as specialist therapy.
  • Visuals: Find visual ways of communicating with your child. For example, use objects (such as car keys), photos, line drawings or written words (for older children) to help them make links between spoken words and what they mean.


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