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Friday, April 30, 2010

Autism Rainbow Day interview part 2

In the previous post you heard Jackie talk about her experience as a parent of children with Autism... the rest of the interview focuses on highlighting a few support services that might be useful for parents. Scroll down to find the relevant links.

"It is not about bad parenting, it is about the child's struggle with the environment."

About Stephen Wiltshire, the artist ("autistic savant") mentioned in this interview.

Links to the support services mentioned by Jackie and I:

Balance support group

Strive support group

Hunter Connect



I hope the blogging at Learning to be Buddies this month has helped to build awareness, and make a little difference in the lives of families living with autism. Thank you so much to all parents who shared their stories. The feedback and hits on these posts show just how valuable your stories are in helping to build awareness and helping us see your children as Children first.



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