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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can You Help? Running the Marathon of Autism Campaign


Running the Marathon of Autism
By Amy Costin

With April being World Autism Awareness Month it is the perfect time to launch our Running the Marathon of Autism campaign in aid of my little girl, Felicity's, Son-Rise Program (run by The Autism Treatment Center of America) that is day by day taking us closer to recovering her from her Autism!!

Felicity is a full of life 9 year old who has a beaming smile and one of the cheekiest giggles you'll ever hear. Felicity has Autism and cannot yet talk but has a few simple words such as "up" and "mum". Before starting her full time Son-Rise Program Felicity was unable to communicate to us that she was hungry, tired or that she needed to go to the toilet. She would sit by herself most of the time and stare 'into space'... but in just a short time after we began the Son-Rise Program, Felicity 100% toilet trained herself and now loves to be around people. Felicity understands everything that is said to her and willingly gives out hugs and smiles to those around her.

What is Running the Marathon of Autism about?

In 2006 a close family friend, Maryke, ran the Melbourne Marathon for the first time ever - Maryke, mother of 2, who claimed "it was tougher than giving birth," did the mammoth 42km run in the name of Felicity and was sponsored along the way to raise some of the necessary funds needed to keep Felicity's Son-Rise Program going.

This year, Maryke and 4 other amazing women Carley, Jocelyn, Sammy and Nicole, are all currently training in 'marathon proportions' for a variety of major events. These events include the 14 km Sydney City 2 Surf, the 21km Sydney 1/2 Marathon and the 42 km Melbourne Marathon. These inspirational runners who are taking on this challenge are not professional athletes, nor are they seasoned runners. They are women who are mums, work full time jobs and have children of their own but they all have one common passion - Felicity and the amazing milestones she has accomplished since starting her Son-Rise Program 4 years ago.

What is it raising money for?

The Son-Rise Program is sadly not available in Australia. It is run by The Autism Treatment Center of America in Massachusetts and involves at least 4 week long training courses which we, as Felicity's parents and her Son-Rise Program 'directors', need to attend to maximise the potential of Felicity's full time program that has so far seen Felicity prove doctors and other medical 'professionals' wrong. These courses obviously cost money which we rely heavily on fundraising for.

Why is this important?

Felicity has come so far since starting her Son-Rise Program and is the happiest we have ever seen her. We believe that the Son-Rise Program is the right thing for her and even if the amazing milestones she has reached so far are the only ones she ever manages to accomplish her happiness is the most important thing to us and in The Son-Rise Program she has found that.

To find out more about Felicity, the amazing women running for her and The Son-Rise Program as well as ways you can support this campaign by donating please check out our website at:
You can also join us at Facebook:
and Twitter:


Giggleberry (Amy) April 12, 2010 at 12:14 PM  

Thanks for the support for our little girl!
Giggles, Amy

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