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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ask Amanda: Am I being pretentious?

I just thought I would pop in and talk about the theory behind my "Ask Amanda" column.

Calling it by that name does sound a little pretentious. Like I am setting myself up as an expert.

It is not that I think I am an expert on all things inclusion, or behaviour... or that I think I will have the answer to every question. But I do have a little experience, time and access to resources that I want to put at your disposal.

If you have a question that you want researched, but don't have time to do the reading or searching... then I want to help.

If you want a second opinion... I am happy to share mine.

If you want resources, links, ideas, especially in relation to inclusive education or behaviour support ... then I am happy to try help you find these.

So if you have a question or a topic you want discussed, then leave a comment or contact me and I will try to answer it in my monthly Ask Amanda column.

Alternately, if you have something you think is relevant to this blog, I am happy to accept guest bloggers. Or if you have a resource that you think might be useful to my readers, I am happy to review it. Just contact me.

I hope the blog is proving helpful....


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