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Monday, May 25, 2009

Ask Amanda

It is time to Ask Amanda... what do you want to know about his month's topic or any topic related to special education or inclusion?


Beth Phillips July 28, 2009 at 10:38 PM  

Amanda, I have a new student who is two and a half. He is extremely impulsive, he cannot have anyone near him that he is not being agressive to them, to the point where if I am near and pick him up, touch him or in any way try to talk to or remove him from the situation (hitting repeatedly, punching, pushing etc.) he will with one hand try to stop me while continue to strike out at the child.
I think he has some form of spectrum disorder, his other behaviors are what appears to the other adults including his parents to make him 'gifted' his speech is very articulate overly complex sentencing (he is 2) but he repeats everything (very clearly) which I think is echolalia (sp?) not cognitive language use.
what can I do to help him stop hurting others. I am meeting with the parents and right now I will just ask them how he is at home types of questions. I have only had this child for 2 weeks and want to set up a good relationships with them. I have learned to approach with caution when this type of issue arises.
Thanks Beth

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